keiller, maggie + erin :: jersey shore photographer

every july, my family makes a stop at the jersey shore to visit my grandparents, love on childhood friends, sink our toes deep in the sand + breathe the salty air.

and one night during our trip is always held for this crew + a beach session.

their mama and I go way back to sorority days at Penn State, and she’s spent her entire life on the jersey shore. this place is the pulse of their family – you should see the way these loves tear down to the water from the car, how that middle one dances on the waterline like she’s never been happier, and how that babe can not seem to get enough of the sand (who can blame her?). our half hour at sunset always turns into more, and there’s laughter and his freckles, and the way dad looks at mom when he’s sure no one is watching.

it’s one of those sessions I look forward to for the whole year leading up to it. and then when it’s done, it’s even better than I could I dreamed. because they just get it. it’s not about the clothes, or the forced smiles…it’s about the pulse of their family, the place where they’re most alive + spending time letting their story unfold in our time together.



I’d love to spend some time in the place your family loves most, telling your story + dreaming big with you. let’s connect soon, ok?

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