philippians 2:14

you guys are too much.

I love doodling and hand lettering, but let’s be serious, it’s just something to make my kids pay attention when I write something to tack up on our walls. y’all were so kind with your requests on insta, fb, emails, and some of you, sweet loves, even texted to tell me how much your family could use these words.

so I scanned and cleaned it up a little. but friends, it’s not perfect and I’m totally okay with that. print this baby out – plaster it all over your walls. tape it to your kids’ heads if you need to (I’m totally considering that for a special little friend in our house by the way). I’ve said it to myself a dozen times since posting it on our fridge yesterday, and I’m praying it makes a huge impact in your home as well. xoxo

and hey, if you feel like sharing this link with friends you love, that’d be cool too.