changes, this way come

back in january I deleted both my personal + business facebook.

in early february I removed my business instagram page + seriously culled the people I follow on my personal one.

and ever since,

there’s been so much less noise in my days.

I’m spending more quality time with the people I share a home with,

instead of worrying about what I’m “missing” on the internet.

I’m hand writing notes to those I adore.

and most importantly,

I have had the chance to reevaluate how I’m spending my time.


and here’s the thing,

I wasn’t spending it well.

it’s time for some serious change.


less business…really, no business in 2017.

more time in His word + being the hands and feet.

less caring about the Joneses + how they spent their weekend.

more time soaking up the three kids on loan from God + the man He gifted me to spend my days growing old with.

less hurry + busy + stress.

more margin + love + really listening when I ask someone “how are you?”

less trying to prove my worth by how many things I can do or balls I can juggle.

more living with purpose + intention


if you need me, I’ll be with her…

running through the tulips.



if you’ve been a long time client of MZP,

there’s an email coming your way this week.

I’m not leaving you high + dry, I promise.

you’re family + I love you.




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